Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Sage Song

Dreams, splashed on the tombstone,
Life, its only own enemy!
Heart's the twisted rotten branch ,
Soul's the interweaving brook of tears!!

Somehow, I feel that 'Life' is not a good title for this short. Any suggestions are most appreciated.


Ritu said...

- Esprit
- Sentience
- Zest

My humble contribution

Mampi said...

the word is 'interweaving', isnt it? or is it 'interviewing' or 'intervening'??

~Hemanth~ said...

Right you are Mampi; it is interweaving. Will edit that. And Ritu, I like sentience better. I was thinking more like the "Sage's Song"..

Indian Home Maker said...


I am not good at poetry :(

By the way, it's really nice to see you back in Blogistan :)

~Hemanth~ said...

Hi, IHM...I'm glad to be back as well and I appreciate your comments. Not good at poetry? You sure? :)

Although, I have technically been back for about a week. Only got a chance yesterday to do some blogging. A week's vacation means a weeks worth of catching up :)...

Pinku said...

hey!!! u back!!! good....

the verse is nice...i would call it the harsh truth.

~Hemanth~ said...

Hi Priyanka, Thanks!!

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